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Splash Colored Memo Pads 200lvs

Splash Colored Memo Pads 200lvs

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  • SOLD by PACK (200sheets/pad)
  • Super Sticky Notes stick and re-stick so your to-do lists get noticed.
  • Leave reminders or call out important information
  • Notes are recyclable
  • The paper notes are sourced from certified, renewable, and responsibly managed forests
  • Unique adhesive designed for use on paper or in planners
  • Reliably sticks so your notes stay front and center
  • Use for reminders on doors, windows, and walls

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: Philtint & Color Specialist, Inc
  • Brand: Splash
  • Item Weight
    • 5in x 8in: 0.394kg
    • 4in x 6in: 0.256kg
    • 3in x 5in: 0.245kg
    • 3in x 3in:  0.230kg
  • Product Dimension
    • 5in x 8in: 5in x 1in x 8in
    • 4in x 6in: 4in x 1in x 4in
    • 3in x 5in: 3in x 1in x 5in
    • 3in x 3in:  3in x 1in x 3in
  • Color: Green, Pink, blue, Yellow, Orange, Red, Sky Blue
  • Material type: Paper
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