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SDI Heavy Duty Stapler No. 6176

SDI Heavy Duty Stapler No. 6176

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  • ✎ Designed specifically to tackle the jam with our jam-free technology making stapling action smoother than ever by preventing bent staples or misfires;
  • ✎ PREMIUM STAPLER: This blue stapler has a durable plastic housing protects the internal metal stapling mechanism for long lasting, reliable stapling you can count on.
  • ✎  Classic bionic crocodile mouth design, strong bite force paper, and let needle can be smooth and tight, no paper jam.
  • ✎ REDUCED EFFORT: Requires less force to operate than traditional staplers, allowing you to staple more sheets with less effort. Its soft, ergonomic grip ensures comfort while stapling.
  • ✎ A helpful staple indicator lets you check the remaining staples at anytime.
  • ✎ Perfect for desktop use at work office, home, or in the classroom.
  • ✎ QUIETER STAPLING: Quiet, sturdy stapler serves your business without noisy interruptions

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: HBW Enterprises Co.
  • Brand: SDI
  • Weight: 296g (0.65lbs)
  • Product Dimension: 70mm x 125mm x40mm (2.75in x 4.92in x 1.57in)
  • Color: Blue, Black
  • Point Type: Plastic/Steel
  • Quantity: 1
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