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Polaris Photo Paper RC Woven 260gsm

Polaris Photo Paper RC Woven 260gsm

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  • SOLD by PACK (20sheets/pack)
  • ✎ 260gsm
  • ✎ 20 Sheets
  • ✎Adopt the best fitting coating for color inkjet printers to exert the best inkjet printing effects
  • ✎Coated with a light-sensitive chemical formula
  • ✎Used for making photographic prints
  • ✎Super white paper, lively & brilliant image, the perfect reappearance of tiny parts.
  • ✎Use for all kinds of inkjet printers
  • ✎Support high-resolution printers
  • ✎With high-quality output

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: Inkdex Marketing
  • Brand: Polaris
  • Weight: 
    • A4: 0.325kg
    • 3R: 0.062kg
    • 4R: 0.080kg
    • 5R: 0.117kg
  • Product Dimension: (W x H x L)
    • A4: 9in x 0.25in x 12in
    • 3R: 3.5in x 0.25in x 5.5in
    • 4R: 4.5in x 0.25in x 6.5in
    • 5R: 5.5in x 0.25in x 7.5in
  • Color: White 
  • Product Type: Photo Paper
  • Quantity: 20 sheets per pack
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