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Joy Correction Tape J-1288 (24pcs)

Joy Correction Tape J-1288 (24pcs)

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  • ✎CHARACTERISTICS : Keep smooth after revision and can write again immediately. Leave no mark when faxing or copying. Adopt high-performance correction tape which is thin, smooth and has good spreadability and adhesiveness. 
  • ✎USAGE: Put the correction tape on the place which needs revision at an angle of 75-90, then press the tape slightly and move it at the direction of revision. Pause at the end of the revision place then press the tape slightly and pull it up to make it form a 90 angle. So the revision is successfully completed.
  • ✎MAIN INGREDIENTS: Paper, Resin, PS, POM, PP, Ti02
  • ✎No waiting, fast and clean, write over immediately
  • ✎ Includes 1 refill, Refillable

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: 
  • Brand: Joy
  • Weight:
  • Tape Dimension: (W x H x L)
  • Color: Black, Red, Blue
  • Product Type: Correction Tape
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