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HBW Office Stapler Set No. STR-1030-3B | 12pcs (Asstd Color)

HBW Office Stapler Set No. STR-1030-3B | 12pcs (Asstd Color)

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  • SOLD by 12PCS (Assorted Colors)
  • ✎ Set includes a stapler, staple remover, and a box of staples.
  • ✎ Designed specifically to tackle the jam with our jam-free technology making stapling action smoother than ever by preventing bent staples or misfires;
  • ✎ PREMIUM STAPLER: This stapler has a durable plastic housing protects the internal metal stapling mechanism for long lasting, reliable stapling you can count on.
  • ✎  Classic bionic crocodile mouth design, strong bite force paper, and let needle can be smooth and tight, no paper jam.
  • ✎ REDUCED EFFORT: Requires less force to operate than traditional staplers, allowing you to staple more sheets with less effort. Its soft, ergonomic grip ensures comfort while stapling.
  • ✎ Perfect for desktop use at work office, home, or in the classroom.
  • ✎ STAPLE PULLER REMOVER - Removes staples and pins easily without ripping or tearing documents and papers.
  • ✎ Staple Puller operates easily, quickly and efficiently to get the job done. Pointed metal tips slide under staples and allow you to firmly grasp them for immediate removal. Plastic exterior protects your desk surface and enhances your comfort while removing unwanted staples.

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: HBW Enterprises Co.
  • Brand: HBW
  • Weight: 1.36kg
  • Product Dimension: (W x H x L)                                                                                     8.63in x 5.25in x 9.50in      
  • Color Variants: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green
  • Point Type: Plastic/Steel
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