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Glue Gun Stick Big 1Kilo | 40pcs

Glue Gun Stick Big 1Kilo | 40pcs

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  • ✎ Easier to Handle – Transparent color when dry. Smooth Flow, Clean and Low smell! Less stringy, No impurities, No messy, non-yellowing over time.
  • ✎ Standard size Crystal Clear Hot Glue Sticks quickly bond to virtually any material in as little as 30 seconds.
  • ✎ Hot Glue Sticks work best with high temp full size glue guns. Use high temperature hot glue guns to bond porous and heavier materials like glass and metal.
  • ✎ Standard Hot Glue Gun Sticks bond to virtually all materials including paper, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, ceramic, florals, glass, foam, lace, ribbon, synthetic fabric, and more!
  • ✎ Strong & Versatile – Suitable for all kinds of art works, crafting, sealing, repairs, home decor, large projects. Works on various surfaces like paper, foam, fabrics, wood, metal, leather, ceramic, plastic, glass and more!

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer:
  • Brand: 
  • Weight: 
    • 1kg
  • Product Dimension: (W x H x L)
    • 1.5in x 11.5in x 6.5in
  • Color: Clear
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