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Uni Style Fit Refill 0.38 UMR-109-38

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  • ✎ These is one gel ink refill for the Uni-ball Style Fit writing system.
  • ✎ The ballpoint line contains the famous oil based, water and light resistant Jetstream ink that writes incredibly smooth. The gel ink line contains the popular Signo ink that is the same as that in the popular selling Uni-ball Signo line. 
  • ✎ The combination allows you to create a multi-pen that has all the best Uni-ball qualities in one single instrument.
  • ✎ The system is eco-friendly since you can refill it again and again.
  • ✎ Uni-ball has created a new writing system that is both extremely customizable and affordable. Like the higher end Sharbo X from Zebra, the Style Fit writing system gives you the freedom of choice to create a writing instrument that is as unique as you are. 
  • ✎ You can customize many aspects of your pen including what type of refills you want (gel, ballpoint, or mechanical pencil), the pen body and ink colors that you want, as well as the number of writing instruments you want to have (different sized bodies are available that can hold 1, 3, or 5 writing instruments).
  • ✎ Refill for Uni-ball StyleFit Series Holder (UE3H1008.13, UE5H508.13, UE3H-208, UE5H-258, UE3H-159, UMNH-59, UE3H-258DS, UE5H-308DS)

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd
  • Brand: Uni
  • Weight: 3g (0.006lbs)
  • Product Dimension: 121mm (4.76in) in length
  • Color: Light Blue, Sky Blue, Golden Yellow, Blue, Blue Black, Brown Black
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Quantity: 1