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Tiger Room Thermometer

Tiger Room Thermometer

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  • ✎ Thermometer measuring range between -40 and 120°F (-40 and 50°C ) accommodate all climates, Have Celsius and Fahrenheit both . Not only tells the temperature but also can help your kids to learn about the World's weather or do a science project.
  • ✎ The thermometer is mechanical and not electronic, there are no batteries to run dead, both saved money and the change time for you. It is a good old-fashioned glass tube thermometer made of Plastic with a wood board, looks really stable and stylish, making it a great indoor wall decoration.
  • ✎ Large numbers for quick easy to read and for viewing.
  • ✎Suited for both indoor and outdoor use because of its weather-resistant and rust-proof design.
  • ✎ The vertical shape allows you to mount it to your barn, coop, greenhouse, or home garden helps track the temps. The medium size is also good for your basement, garage, office, labs, nursery, or room.

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: 
  • Brand: Tiger
  • Weight: 57 g (0.12lbs)
  • Product Dimension: 220mm x 50mm 
  • Color: Brown
  • Product Type: Room Thermometer
  • Quantity: 1
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