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Sonoma Parchment Paper 90gsm Short

Sonoma Parchment Paper 90gsm Short

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  • ✎ CRAFT PARCHMENT PAPER – The parchment paper measures 8-1/2 x 11 inches and includes 10 sheets per pack.  You have your choice of a variety of supreme colors.
  • ✎ SMOOTH PAPER: Choose this high-quality 90 gsm of printing paper if you want a consistent finished printed product every time. This paper has a smooth, vellum finish which makes it not only more comfortable to handle but also ideal for printing, writing, sketching, and other artistic ventures.
  • ✎ LASER & INKJET FRIENDLY – This craft paper can be used with laser and inkjet printers.  It is designed to easily pass through traditional photocopy machines and standard printers. You won’t have to worry about smeared ink or illegible print with this premium paper product. Use it to make custom paper decorations, homemade thank-you notes, and vibrant open house or yard sale signs.
  • ✎ ARTS AND CRAFTS STAPLE – It has a unique texture and is ultra-durable.  The versatile crafting paper is useful for an array of crafts and projects. The creative options are endless!
  • ✎ IDEAL FOR BUSINESS USE: While this paper is ideal for creative hobbies, it’s also a great addition to office stationery sets. It has many business applications and also comes in handy for at-home office use. Use it for work memos, flyers, achievement certificates, and more. It’s stronger and sturdier than other printer paper, making it ideal for permanent applications.

Technical Details

  • Distributor: Tyden Corporation
  • Brand: Sonoma
  • Weight: 61g (0.13 lbs)
  • Product Dimension: 215.9x279.4mm (8.5x11 inches)
  • Color: Cream, Blue, Ochre, Brown, Green, Pink, White, Natural
  • Product Type: Parchment Paper
  • Quantity: 10 pcs per pack
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