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Pilot Frixion Light Soft Highlighter

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  • ✎ FriXion Light Soft, the erasable pastel colour chisel tipped highlighter from PILOT.
  • ✎ This unique and ingenious product allows you to highlight your work, and then erase the ink by friction once you are done with them.
  • ✎ Our pastel-colour highlighter pens generation that gives you the space you need to relax, because you can erase the pastel colours as often as you like. Which just goes to show that happy writing is all about making your point – without fear of making a mistake!
  • ✎ 4.0mm tip size gives a 3.3mm line width.
  • ✎ Thanks to the erasable thermo-sensitive ink: Write, Erase and Repeat!
  • ✎ Effectiveness and writing comfort thanks to the unique fluidity and ultra-softness of the Pilot ink.
  • ✎ The ink will also disappear if exposed to other sources of heat or friction, so we advise against using these pens to address envelopes or leaving anything written with them in a hot car.
  • ✎ Made of at least 50% of recycled plastic material (excluding refills and product packaging) in order to help save our planet's resources.

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: Pilot Pen Co Ltd.,
  • Brand: Pilot
  • Weight: 10g (0.02lbs)
  • Product Dimension: 135mm (5.31in) in length
  • Color: Orange, Violet, Pink, Yellow, Green, Pastel Blue
  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Quantity: 1