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Joy Mini Stapler MS-2825 with Staple Wire Set

Joy Mini Stapler MS-2825 with Staple Wire Set

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  • ✎Ideal for use at the office, in a classroom, or around the house
  • ✎Made of durable metal for reliable strength; sleek black finish offers a professional appearance
  • ✎Easily staples up to 12 sheets. Strip size: Half
  • ✎Compact design for optimum performance.
  • ✎Lightweight for comfortable handheld use.
  • ✎Perfect for locker, briefcase, purse or school kit
  • ✎Uses standard staples; built-in staple remover

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: Delfa Star Int'l.,  Corp
  • Brand: Joy
  • Weight: 
    • 0.061kg
  • Dimension: (W x H x L)
    • 3.9in x 0.12in x 4.2in 
  • Color: Blue, Violet, Green, Pink
  • Material  type: Plastic housing; metal
  • Quantity : 1
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