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Flourecence Stick Notes

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  • ✎ Made with high-quality paper and adhesive, easy to use and peel, super sticky, removes cleanly.
  • ✎ Strong adhesive, unique adhesive reliably sticks and re-sticks. Sturdy stickies don't tear apart, curl up or spill ink. Easy to use and strip, keeping your text straight and helping you quickly record and annotate.
  •  ✎ Easy to use, portable, bright color, making your message more noticeable, not easy to be ignored.
  • ✎ These notes are recyclable because of their strong stickiness for stick and re-stick.
  • ✎ Use premium paper to prevent curl up.
  • ✎ Use for school, office, family. Great for leaving notes or reminders on walls, doors, monitors, or other surfaces.
  • ✎ Cute Sticky Notes are available in a wide range of colors for any preference or color-coding need.
  • ✎ Sticky Notes adhere to fridges walls, laptops glass, wall, blackboard, door, computer, and almost all other smooth surfaces, an note that is more effective as a reminder than phone, suitable for office, school and home use.
  • ✎ Tips: Please tear straight from the sticky side, this will keep the notes more sticky. 

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer: 
  • Brand: Flourecence
  • Weight:
    • 75x75mm : 79g (0.17lbs)
    • 75x50mm : 55g (0.12lbs)
  • Product Dimension:
    • 75x75mm : 75mm x 75mm (2.95in x 2.95in )
    • 75x50mm : 75mm x 50mm (2.95in x 1.96in)
  • Color: Assorted
  • Material Type: Paper
  • Quantity: 5 different colors per pack